The Hidden Room Theatre

Our VISION is to create impactful work that is highly accessible, educational, innovative, and interactive - starting locally, and rippling out internationally by way of


  • acting as a living laboratory for world-renowned scholars;


  •  developing innovative new work that experiments with audience immersion;


  • making theatre as accessible and interactive as possible through digital performance and other technology-based innovations;


  • bridging what we believe is an imaginary gap between early-modern and modern theatre;

  •  fostering a family of artists of diverse racial backgrounds, age, size, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and abilities so that they can represent a broader spectrum of Austin's populace, and bring a wealth of experience to our theatrical table at the height of their creative powers.

  • Our hope is to continue Austin’s move towards becoming a theatre destination, bringing in ever more cultural tourists. 

We engage and employ the world’s top scholars, technologists, and theatre-makers to create the most accessible, immersive, entertaining, and educational theatre experiences possible. We specialize in bridging the gap between early modern classics and tech- forward new works. The result is a theatrical curiosity shop that rides the junction between performance and technology, past and future, what is accessible, and what is hidden.