Welcome to the Mentor Clubhouse
We think you should be in on this.  
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How should I describe GTP and this event to the person I want to bring?


"GTP is a local initiative to create new theatre fans. To kick off this year's project, they're having a special event. It's a newly imagined, immersive masterwork of gripping drama, Ghosts - all performed in the enclosed parlor of a historic home somewhere in Clarksville. 


The event isn't on sale to the public. You have to be invited.  And you can only come if you bring one person with you who hasn't seen a locally produced play in five years.


There's a 90 minute show and then there's a brief wine mixer with the cast. It's going to be a unique, memorable, and totally Austin evening."

I really want to come, but I don't know any non-theatre goers. 

I get it. This feels true. But, hear us out, it's actually not reeeeally true. Your brain, whether you realize it or not, keeps reaching for the same mind-file over and over again when you try to think of a person to ask. So, do this exercise - take out a sheet of paper and write:

1. The name of three neglected friends you wish you saw more of

2. The name of a young niece or nephew who you often forget is all grown up now

3. The person from your last job who you thought you'd keep in better touch with

4. Your favorite of your kid's friend's parents

5. The barrista who you stay a few extra minutes to talk to

6. Your two favorite neighbors

7. The person you talk to most at the dog park

8. The person who you most like to see at church

9. The friend you only get to see at the holidays

10. The last person to do a really kind thing for you at your work

11. The last 5 people to friend you on Facebook


You don't have to ask these people, specifically, but if you do this exercise a couple times, you'll start to see - when you go to work, your gym, your book club, when you drop your kid at school, or when you log onto social media - that you actually know a lot of people who fit the bill. You'll start seeing people left and right. 


 I think what you're really experiencing is everyone you currently go out with socially goes to see theatre. So, don't worry. That was never meant to be a criteria.  It's not a date. It's a sponsorship. You can do this. And the project hinges on it. 


GTP is inviting you to work with us. We're effectively crowdsourcing our community's future with you.  We are asking you to go into your community, bring back someone who might not get a chance to see this event on their own, and mentor them in. 

If you have any questions, please reach out at gatewaytheatreproject@gmail.com. Tell us when you want to come, and the challenges you're experiencing. We'll help you figure it out. 


I want to help. I want to see the show too! What do you need me to do?

Reserve your slot now...before you choose your guest. What?! Yes, we need you to make that commitment. Now. Not later. Don't worry. You'll find that person - we will make sure of it - and you will definitely see the show. But you have to book first! Right now. Pleeeeez don't put it off. We're getting a ton of verbal commits, but we need you to put it in the system. Help us to know who's really coming, so we can make arrangements. We will make sure you have your initiate before your night arrives! Just click the link below and pick your night.