Jarrott Productions

Jarrott Productions’ goal is to present the highest quality product on-stage, utilizing the best and brightest talent available in the local theatre community.

It is also our goal to mentor aspiring young theatre students. Toward that end we have employed students from St. Edward's University, Texas State University, University of Texas, Huntington-Surrey Prep School, and Cedar Ridge High School in paid positions as part of our production staff.

David created Jarrott Productions in 2015 because, even though Austin has well over 100 theatre companies, he felt the audience for contemporary plays written in traditional form was being underserved. There are many extremely good productions of musical theatre, Shakespeare, American and other classics, and the avante garde being done by theatre companies every week in the Austin area. However, there are not many productions of late 20th/early 21st century comedies and dramas that deal with themes of love and redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation, and what playwright Rory Kinnear calls “the irresistible pull of family.”